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Lovely Night

Logo Design, Brand Identity & Web Design


Lovely Night was founded out of a shared passion for exceptional food and truly inviting experiences. You believe that when people get together and enjoy a full sensory meal, it enhances our most cherished memories. Food can be elevated to tell a story



We chose to focus on creating a balance between clean and modern design, with bold + inviting elements. The main goal is for the brand to convey the same qualities as the dishes you love to create: refined and modern, with an intriguing edge.

For imagery, we will focus on capturing photos that feel organic and approachable, with lots of white-space (or breathing room). The whole nature of your art helps to foster a warm and inviting feeling in your audience, like they have been welcomed to an exclusive and intimate dinner.

The refined + muted-tonal colors to help give the overall look more sophistication and portray the finesse of expertise your collective has, as well create differentiation from others in your industry. 




Staying true to the refined and modern style with an intriguing edge; this ideation embodies the elevated and refined hospitality offered.

The expanding “O” in “Lovely” visually represents stacked plates, with out the outright use of kitschy icons. The double crescent shape created from the overlap is a subtle reminder of the focus on evenings filled with amazing food. This logo translates well in black & white, while bringing in a understated, yet organic and approachable color palette (see next pages) sets it apart and adds inspiration for your audience - something the competitors are lacking.