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Brand Process

Building your Brand 


Your potential customers are seeking out brands that are consistent, engaging and honest. Whether your business is your full-time gig, side-hustle or a passion project that’s just getting  going, it has the potential to thrive even more with the right support behind it.

You have the vision, drive and you’re ready to grow your business.

Crafting a brand that resonates with your target audience is no easy feat. You want to stand out while letting your personality shine but you need some helping hands to make it happen seamlessly. Let’s face it: your time is valuable, you have a business to run and your to-do list is already a mile long.

I'm here to help so you can get back to what matters: your life, your business and your customers.

Are you ready?

My own business is built around friends and family, I know from personal experience that behind every great brand is a collection of unique personalities.

By getting to know you on a personal level, the path to creating a meaningful brand begins to unfold organically.  Never content to place style over substance, collectively we will balance timeless, sophisticated design directions with real world insights so that applications to your business feel intentional and seamless.

As a small business owner myself, I get what works and what doesn’t. You can count on me to be with you every step of the way. By the time your project launches, chances are that we’ll be friends.  

Welcome to the family. 

The process


In our initial conversation, we’ll review your project scope, timeline and pricing so that we can make sure we're both on the same page. Once we’ve agreed to work together, details are finalized, contracts are signed and a deposit is made. When your deposit is received, your project is placed in the queue.

You provide:  Commitment of time to brainstorm what you are looking for.

Outcome: We formalize the deliverables, we both sign the proposal, and you complete the down payment.


You’ll receive a questionnaire via email that will prompt you with specific questions to make sure our creative executions are meeting the needs of your business goals. Based on your responses, I will use this opportunity to ask you any further questions about your brand. This content plays an important role in your brand goals and messaging.

You provide:  Accurate answers and a clear vision for your business and how you serve your audience.

Outcome:  A comprehensive overview of your place within your market and the guidelines to build the visual identity.


You’ll be prompted to pull together visual inspiration within a private Pinterest pinboard. Fill the board with typography, colors, and imagery that you feel works with your ideal brand aesthetic. I want to see what you’re naturally drawn to. 

You provide:  1-2 hours of inspirational image sourcing.

Outcome:  A visual representation of the aesthetics and message of your business.


After you’ve approved the final pins, I create a mood board by merging together the perfect mixture of aesthetics for your brand. You will receive a presentation which includes brand messaging, a color palette and a mood board. Once this is approved by you, we begin the design process.

You provide:  Honest feedback (here is my guide on providing great feedback!)  for all visual material presented.

Outcome:   A visual capsule demonstrating a strategic plan for how it all comes together.


With the strategy and mood board in hand, I’ll create designs for you to review during our first deadline and it’s your turn to provide honest, detailed feedback.  I provide I'll provide the initial concept(s) and 2 palette options. You get a maximum of 3 rounds of revisions, with your change requests submitted within 48 hours after you receive the mockups.

You provide:  Quick revision requests and/or approvals on each round of mockups.

Outcome:  A finalized logo and a one-page style guide that includes fonts, colors and logo usage.


Once we’ve completed the revisions, it’s time to wrap up loose ends and release your vision into the world. You will be billed for your remaining balance and as soon as the final payment is received, I’ll send you a Dropbox download link to access your final files.

You provide:  Launch promotion and engagement with your audience.

Outcome:  A live brand + any deliverables and a cohesive document with ongoing strategy advice.

It’s time to celebrate!


[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Q. What if I (the client) miss a deadline?

A. This whole process works because we both have strict deadlines. If you can’t dedicate time to the project, you aren’t a good fit. That said, if it should work, but you can’t keep up your end of the agreement for any reason, additional billing at our discounted rate of $30/hour starts after the end date passes. 

Q. Why does it have to be done with an end date?

A. This ensures mutual focus, momentum and quick decisions so we can move on to the next step in the process. Plus, it’s fun!

Q. What is a round of revisions?

A. One round of revisions means that you create a single list of all the changes you’d like to see in the current mockup. Because this work is done on a timeline, it’s important to sum up all your thoughts and changes in a single place (one call or one email), and hand those over in a timely fashion.

Q. What do I need to provide before the project starts?

A. I’ll give you a list of what I will need if we proceed. For Brand Build out, it is helpful to start to notice what drives the purchases you make yourself.  How do you notice other brands and how the interact with their audiences? Having a space to gather visual inspiration (Pinterest is great!) is important too. For Web Design, we get more technical.  I will need access to your: domain registrar login info, hosting login info, mailing list access, Google Analytics access.  You also need to have polished content and edited photography*. Most important: Enough time set aside to take this project to the finish line.

*I am happy to recommend a number of talented photographers, dependent on your vocation & location.

Q. How do you determine who you work with?

A. It’s a science and a gut thing. I only take on projects and clients when I feel strongly that I can help, based on my past experience, available data, and the project goals. But, I also listen to my instincts and don’t take on any project that doesn’t feel right. It’s better for both of us that way.


A remarkable brand package (deliverables based on your selection) that works for your audience and helps you to meet your business goals, with setup based on current industry standards.

  • Strategic advice on how to use your brand to grow your audience and business.
  • A choice of collateral items (business cards, social media graphics, stationary and/or packaging)
  • All deliverables will be in range of industry standard formats to suit any of your design needs (.jpg, .gif, .eps, .pdf)






Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm. I don’t respond to client emails over the weekend (I do check them though, so if there’s some kind of emergency I got you covered).  I’ll always get back to you ASAP

The best way to get in touch is via email:  hello@kateanddesign.com

Alternatively, you can sometimes catch me on social media:



Building your best brand is a collaborative effort between the two of us. I don’t like ‘rules’ so I don’t set many, but for both of our sanity, all I ask is that we both try to get stuff done within a reasonable time frame. This includes things like responding to emails and sending payments. I’ll get back to you quickly if you do too. It’s that simple!


Think we’d work well together? If so, that’s great news! Project start dates are only guaranteed when there’s a signed contract and downpayment in hand (or bank account).

The cost starts at $800 USD and I'm currently booking 1-2 months in advance.

If you think I’ll fit like that favorite pair of jeans, the next step is to schedule a discovery so we can learn about who you are and what you do.

...And let me tell you right now, I can’t wait!